MBA Fellowship

At the core of Toigo's work is the importance of Education.  We identify and support exceptional minority students in MBA programs, helping to pave their pathways where they can leverage their finance skills into investment careers and beyond.

Talent Access

Outreach and partnerships foster job opportunities for our Fellows and a ready pipeline of talent for employers.

Corporate Engagement

Our programming and thought-leadership events assist the industry in diversity-building awareness and solutions.

Industry Initiatives & Events

We promote and demonstrate high standards of governance, accountability and transparency which have garnered the trust and respect of our donors.

A Brand of Excellence

Toigo addresses both the supply and demand factors for new leadership talent. We work directly with underrepresented young professionals and arm them with the skills and networks needed to support their advanced business degrees, launch their careers and thrive. On the demand side, we work closely with institutions/organizations that rely on top talent to operate and grow. By serving as an advocate for the gains that diverse teams deliver and working with organizations to identify and address disparities that may exist within their hiring and retention practices, Toigo is helping to fill the gap between aspiration and opportunity from the classroom to the boardroom.

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