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The Toigo Foundation: Taking Steps to Diversify the Financial Services Industry

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“No one who makes it does so alone.” This assertion by Dr. Stacy Blake-Beard, Professor of Management at the Simmons School of Management, was recently made at the Toigo Foundation’s third-annual Groundbreakers Women in Leadership Summit on December 5. In those eight words, Blake-Beard encapsulated so much of what Toigo is about as an organization.

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Join one of the finance industry’s most active—and respected—networks. Toigo MBA Fellowship is open to diverse candidates focused on a post-grad career in any sector of finance, from investment banking and real estate to venture, PE and hedge—and more. The application is live—and due April 1, 2014.

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From the start, mentoring has been a core part of the Toigo Fellowship program—and advantage. We match incoming Fellows with finance professionals in sectors where Fellows want to work. Ready to help a group of young professionals launch their careers?

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